DIATOM is a FREE hyper-casual game of color matching.  Its beautiful minimalist design and unique gameplay mechanics are sure to engage and challenge!  Download now and see for yourself!

DIATOM has unique mechanics that put an Oddly Satisfying new spin on hyper-casual color matching gameplay!


– Simply rotate the circles to align matching colors, then swipe across the segments to clear them and earn points. 


– Be strategic!  Each segment is worth 5 points, but every rotation subtracts 1 point. 


– Use the assists to help when you get stuck, or if you just need more time.

Play 4 different game modes:

60 Seconds - Be quick!  Make as many matches as you can in one minute.


30 Moves - Take your time, but be strategic!


Rewind - Start with 45 seconds, but earn more time with each match you make.


Infinite - Your moment of zen.  A great way to stash lots of segments you can redeem for assists and free plays of premium game modes.

Earn cool achievements and share them with your friends!